VIP Coaching

Our exclusive training program for VIP's

Personalized study advice and accountably checks. 

Do you want to learn a language quickly?

In private coaching sessions we can help you with the following:

- Creating a personalized study plan based on your learning style, goals and interests.
- Selecting suitable learning materials and language tutors.
- We help to overcome the problems in language learning that you’re struggling with.
- Ask us any questions related to language learning!

How does it work?

Contact us at with your request and we will contact you asap.

Modele #1: Goal Setting

Module #2: Creating your gameplan

Module #3: Accountably checks and Q&A

What you get:

  • Creating a personalized training plan
  • Selecting the right learning Materials that work for you
  • Accountability checks
  • We answer all your language learning questions
  • Teacher recommendations

1 coaching session

    1 x 45-minute coaching session

    One time payment

    VIP Program

      2 x 45-minute coaching sessions per month

      We keep you accountable!

      35% discount on all VocaBooster courses

      Access to our Mastermind

      Monthly payment