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Speak in 21 Hours (NEW!)

Probably the most effective language learning training for beginners. Join this challenge and  you’ll be able to hold conversations in your new language in only 7 weeks. No homework and no boring grammar exercises! Registration is now open for German, French and Portuguese.


Training material for experienced language learners.

Get to a conversational level in a new language in record time by learning the most important vocabulary first, in context!

Available for: Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, French and German. (Dutch and Russian coming soon).

Leandro Guerra Leandro Guerra, Student from Brazil

I have always wanted to learn French, but I never had the time to study. With Language Boost, it was possible for me to make a huge amount of progress in very little time. Jan and Lucas’ method is effective and focuses on the most important aspects of the language. I’m extremely keen to learn French and I’m thankful that Language Boost is helping me with that.

Olly Richards Olly Richards,

Jan and Lucas have more experience learning foreign languages than most people on the planet. If you want to learn to speak a new language, and learn quickly, I recommend you pay attention to what these guys have to say!

Shana Thompson Shana Thompson, Chatterplot

Lucas found a method to help me hone in on errors while working on fluency. In just three classes I already feel much more confident when speaking Portuguese and can't wait to see my level advance in the coming weeks!

Conor Clyne Conor Clyne, Language Tsar

The ebook ''5 Steps to Fluency'' is jam packed with great tips and valuable insights into how to get started with learning a new language. I would even recommend it over other online guides I've tried that sometimes cost up to $100! LanguageBoost is giving you this for free - amazing!