About us

Jan van der Aa

A bad student

Jan, originally from the Netherlands, was one of the worst students in his English class at high school. After he failed to finish an oral exam, his English teacher suggested Jan to chose a career for which foreign languages were not needed. ‘’You’re just not good at this Jan, choose a career that you don’t need foreign languages for, please’’.

When everything changed

Despite not having the ‘language gene’, Jan has always been interested in other countries and other cultures. When he got the chance to study Chinese in China for a semester, Jan found out that he actually could be pretty good at learning languages. Everything has changed since then.

The language journey

Jan spent his 20’s working, studying and traveling abroad to figure out how people succeed in learning foreign languages. On this journey he interviewed and traveled with world’s leading polyglots to find out how they could successfully learn so many foreign languages. Together with his business partner Lucas, he has tested a large number of learning techniques himself as well.

In his twenties Jan fulfilled his mission to visit 100 countries and besides his native Dutch he also learned English, Mandarin, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Spanish, Cantonese, and some Russian and Thai.

The next mission

His current mission is to help people from all over the world to learn languages more effectively in order to expand their world.